Client Reviews

I spent a good deal of time researching and writing Walt Before Mickey. Though this book was written as a detailed history of the 10 most formative years in the life of Walt Disney, Al Kessel brought the text to life in the most entertaining of ways. I am truly pleased with his performance and in the way he brought Walt, Roy and all the rest in this book to vivid life. It sounds great!

— Timothy Susanin, author of Walt Before Mickey: Disney’s Early Years, 1919-1928 and the basis of the movie Walt Before Mickey

The hardest part about giving the voice of your characters over to someone else is knowing if that individual will do right by them. Your characters are like your children and need to be protected. After several auditions from other voice artists, and a bit of anxiety at the prospect of finding Serus Blackwell’s voice, I found who I was looking for in Al Kessel. His production is top notch and his work ethic matches my own. It’s been four years and I still love working with him! I can’t wait for the next project!

— Drew Avear, author of The Complete Dead Planet Series; 2103: Act 1; Mr. Grimm

Al captured what I was feeling. I listened to literally over 200 auditions before selecting a narrator for my autobiography. Not only did Al Kessel get the whole project done quickly and professionally, he was able to understand where I was coming from, fill the spaces between the words and bring my memories to life.

— David Clark Author Out There: A Story Of Ultra Recovery

Al Kessel is one of the most trustworthy, responsive, and detail-oriented audiobook narrators in the voice acting industry. I believed in his talent and in his character so much that I actually hired him a full year in advance! Throughout that entire year, he responded to all of my emails very quickly (sometimes, within just a few minutes after pressing “send”) and patiently waited as I completed my manuscript. By the time I was ready for him to begin narrating my book, he fulfilled his voice-related duties with impeccable precision. Demonstrating world-class enunciation, Al was sure to emphasize key terms and phrases of my book that were outlined in bold and typed in italics. This gave my writing a sense of personality that was so eloquently captured by Al’s magnetic speaking voice and his remarkable rhythmic inflection. Overall, I was incredibly captivated by and thoroughly satisfied with Al’s work on my completed audiobook. With the completed project closing at an affordable rate, Al Kessel was one of the best hiring decisions that I have ever made. I look forward to receiving his services in the future, and I will be recommending him to all of my audiobook-creating friends!

— Dan McDaniel, author of The Ultimate Guide to Success

As author of the non-fiction Disney book, In the Shadow of the Matterhorn I wanted to turn this best-selling book into an audio book. I had heard Al Kessel on his Pod Cast, Tales from the Mouse House and immediately felt I had heard the perfect voice to do my book in audio form. True to my instinct, Al put together several sample readings of my book and I was so impressed that I even felt goosebumps on my skin hearing his silky and versatile voice narrate the text. So diverse that Al captured the female dialogue in parts of the book and his ability to add a ‘southern drawl’ to other parts, he was able to truly bring to life-and give depth and style-to my written words. For those who seek a professional narrator for virtually any style of book, one who can add the quality touches of appropriate background music and chapter intros in addition to effective narration, I highly recommend Al for your work. I will be using Al again and again. For a more personal reference, those who wish to learn more about Al may contact me at

— David Smith, author of In The Shadow Of The Matterhorn

Al Kessel has been awesome to work with. Not only do I love his voice, but he’s a REALLY nice guy. I wasn’t sure anyone could do anything with the voice of my character, John, who was injured in such a way that his voice was raspy. Al pulled it off better than I could have imagined. He brought kind of a ‘Clint Eastwood’ style to John’s voice. And Al really enjoyed portraying John. He also did the female voice well. That’s hard to pull off for a guy, but I had no problem imagining a female when Al was portraying Rachel. I hope to work with him again.

— Lauralynn Elliott, author of Haunted Lake