Al is a full-time narrator and voice actor from the sunny state of Arizona, where he works from his professional home recording studio. An avid podcaster and producer since 2010, hosting four highly successful podcasts, for Al, performing is passion. Audiobook narration was the logical career choice for him, as, since his earliest memories, he’s been a voracious reader, acting all the characters out in his head. Al prides himself on the ability to bring any character to life with his voice. He has recorded numerous audiobooks including the best selling memoir Out There: A Story of Ultra Recovery by David Clark; Desert Gold by Zane Grey; The David Finkleman Young Adult Series by PK Burian; In The Abyss by H.G. Wells;The Wisdom of Walt by Dr. Jeffrey A. Barnes;  Walt Disney: The Mouse That Roared by Jeff Lenburg; Walt Before Mickey by Timothy Susanin and more. Al has also lent his versatile voice to mobile tour apps and video games. When not bringing stories to life, he loves hiking in the desert with his wife and puppy – when it’s not TOO hot that is!

Al’s home studio is built within industry standards, which means every project he records and masters results in pristine, crystal audio that sounds like it was produced in a ‘high end’ studio. Al uses professional recording and editing equipment to ensure the audio created is exactly what the client needs:

  • Shure KSM 44A Large Diaphragm Condensor Microphone
  • Audient iD14 Audio Interface
  • Apple Mac Computer
  • Apple’s Professional Logic Pro X Editing platform



 -James Fosters’ ‘Fostering Characters’ course, where character development is taken to an entirely new level. By applying some incredible psychology concepts (‘tweaked’ for acting) combined with a modified Meisner Technique, creating and voicing highly convincing and REAL, relatable characters is second nature!

– Sean Pratt’s Nonfiction Audiobook & Business Coaching: A rigid course designed to develop and hone non-fiction book narration.

-Award Winning Narrator Johnny Heller: Coached on the fine points of acting for audiobooks; attended Johnny Hellers workshops to learn all aspects of audiobook production, from interpreting manuscripts, to bringing the text to life.

Voice Acting: 

To enhance his animation and video game voice, Al is training with the incredible Fred Frees ( Fred has voiced everything from cartoon characters to audiobooks!

Al is also a listed narrator for:- Tantor Audio: Al’s Narrator Profile 
–  BeeAudio: Al’s Narrator Profile
– ChristianAudio: Books Narrated by Al